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Each of our staff has a role to play and wants to make an impact – we are much more than just our job titles. Find out more with Anne-Claire, Amandine, Antoine and Florian, who explain what drives them as they take us behind the scenes at Natixis.

Chief Human Resources Officer

Who are our millennials at Natixis? What drives them and why is Natixis a fulfilling workplace for them? Hear all about impact, opportunity and commitment from Anne Lebel, Chief Human Resources Officer at Natixis.


Green Captain end portfolio manager

Anne-Claire is a committed ecologist, and she explains how finance supports the energy transition and more importantly, how it can change the world by developing a more sustainable model.

Big Data leader

Florian is constantly looking for new challenges and has new ideas and projects all the time. His area of focus is metadata. The challenge is huge in this team-based job as he designs and develops smart structures from billions of pieces of data.

Communications manager

Amandine is inquisitive and altruistic, and has always wanted to make a difference. When a solidarity leave opportunity came up, she went to Benin. This experience changed the way she works and her outlook on the world.

investment officer

Between green finance and beach volley, Antoine is much more than a financial analyst. He is an engineer and his job involves investing in renewable energy, a sector he has always been interested in. And he is very involved in sport…alongside his co-workers.

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